About Bali

The magical, mystical legends of Bali combined with the friendly Balinese inspire images of tropical paradise with soaring volcanoes, palm lined beaches and breathtaking rice terraces.

The Hindu Bali philosophy encourages a peaceful balance between mankind, the environment and spiritual world.

Fast Facts on Bali :
  • Bali's capital city is Denpasar
  • Lies between 8 and 9 degrees south of the equator.
  • Population: 3 million people and increasing.
  • The majority of Balinese practice the Hindu religion which they call Agama Hindu Dharma, Religion of the Hindu Doctrin.
  • Total area of Bali approximately : 5,363 square meters.
  • Average temperature in the costal areas, about 28ºC during May, June, July; approximately 30ºC in March and October.
  • Humidity is high, from a minimum of 70% to a maximum of 95%.
  • There are eight regencies in Bali: Badung, Gianyar, Tabanan, Klungkung, Karangasem, Buleleng, Jembrana and Bangli.
  • There are three spoken languages on Bali : Balinese and its dialects, Indonesian and a kind of old Javanese called Kawi. English is widely spoken in the tourism areas as well as for business.
  • Dances and dramatic performances form an important part of every ritual on Bali. They are an integral part of Balinese religion and culture and are employed as an expression of the peoples devotian to the gods.
  • Rituals, tradition and culture play in integral part of Balinese life. Most of Bali follow a 12-month lunar calender and a 210 day ritual cycle, called the pawukon cycle calender.
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